Frequently asked questions

If I see something I like, how can I buy it?

Just click on the "Reserve this item" button and leave your contact details. We will contact you, answer any questions you might have and arrange shipping and payment.

If I reserve an item, can anyone else buy it?

Once an item has been reserved, it will be removed from the site. Nobody else will be able to buy it online. If an item is sold offline, it will be removed from the site promptly, so the likelihood of reserving an item that is no longer available is small.

Why can't I just pay for an item straight away?

Because of the small possibility of an item being sold offline before it is removed from the site, we prefer to confirm that it really is available before completing a sale.

What if I have a question about an item?

If you have any questions, you can leave a note for us on the Contact page.

Is it possible to view an item before buying it?

Yes. Viewings can be arranged by appointment in London or the Cotswolds.